2 new Dreamworld Fireworks Extensions!

Viktor Goltvyanitsa over at Dreamworld has busted out 2 new extensions that are worth noting for others to play with and use on a daily basis. Viktor is active in the Fireworks Forum and enjoys helping people out by creating extensions for Fireworks.

Extended CSS Menu:

Exports out the required JavaScript to make the Fireworks CSS menu semi-transparent or with an IE Drop Shadow. No more having to create a tedious transparent GIF and simulate transparency. Something important to note about this unique command is to export the JS after you export the CSS Popup Menu.

Download Extended CSS Menu

Set Resolution:

This panel gives you the ability to batch images at a specified resolution and adjusting the quality/scale and smoothness all in one shot. Its a nifty extension that I find myself using every now and then when I run into this type of workflow where I need to batch images with a specified resolution.

Download Set Resolution

Thanks Viktor! 🙂


3 Responses to 2 new Dreamworld Fireworks Extensions!

  1. Ah, very handy extras.

  2. Ste_Br says:

    Eehh, very usefull things. My thanks.

  3. Kyle Jones says:

    Alan, How do you use the Extended CSSMenu in Fireworks 8. How do you apply it to the pop-up menu created in Fireworks? It is already installed under Command in Fireworks.