How do I participate in a Beta?

I often get asked if I can add someone to a Beta Program and typically this is not something I can do right away. If you are interested in working with a Studio Beta for Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks and you feel you can actively particpate and submit bugs, please check the Beta Programs page regularly and fill out the survey for the product you are interested in participating.

Tip: To increase your chances on getting access, be sure to include a URL of a "sample of your work".

Macromedia Beta Programs

8 Responses to How do I participate in a Beta?

  1. bliznakov says:

    thanks for the reminder Alan

  2. bliznakov says:

    I can’t find “sample of your work” in FW survey.

  3. Nick Collins says:

    Thanks Alan. For those of us like myself who have been in previous Beta/Alpha programs with MM, should we fill out the form again for each new version?

  4. bliznakov –
    Add the URL(s) of your work in the comments box at the end of the survey.
    Nick –
    If you were actively submitting bugs and staying active in the previous betas, then I would assume they will contact you. Filling it out again will not hurt either.

  5. Is it possible to be in more than one beta? Guess it won’t hurt to try 🙂

  6. Hey Dustin,
    Yes you can enter more than one beta. Studio users/owners are more than likely to be in more than one beta.

  7. Brine says:

    I’m wondering if Macromedia has any plans to release Flash as a fully fledged application in the near future. I realise that it has a long way to go with stability issues, tool consistency etc.. but I’m sure that this might be ironed out in a foreseeable decade. With any luck, the internet will still be around

  8. Ian Welsh says:

    Is there a Contribute and WPS beta active? I have seen the MAX sneak peaks and would be interested in testing the beta as we evaluate CMS options for the College. I was on the Murdock beta.