Quickly determine the version of CPS

Here’s a quick way to determine the version of Contribute Publishing Server (CPS) on your server.

In the address bar of your preferred web broswer, type:


Where <server> is the name of the domain or server, you might also have it running on a different a port than 8900 (default).

Before I knew about this trick, I was always determining the CPS version by the changes made in the User Interface from version 1.0 to 1.1. :S

If you have no idea what CPS is, then I’d suggest checking out:


4 Responses to Quickly determine the version of CPS

  1. Know of any good contribute tutorials? It seems interesting but I’ve never invested any time into actually learning how to use it. Are there any special server requirements for it?

  2. Dustin –
    If your interested in Contribute and how to deploy it, you might want to check out the CT Developer Center.
    You will also find Contribute Publishing Services tutorials which is now called Contribute Publishing “Server”.

  3. Monica says:

    Hmm… when I do this I see this:
    Product Name: Macromedia Contribute Publishing Services
    Build: 2404
    Date: 3/11/2005
    Can you tell the version from the build or something?

  4. Monica,
    After I posted this entry. I got a lot of internal responses and found out there was a already a TechNote. 🙂
    Build numbers = CPS version
    2284 – CPS 1.0
    2352 – CPS 1.1
    2419 – CPS 1.11
    Refer to the TechNote above. Thats offical.