Contribute Easter Eggs!

I love Easter Eggs and had no idea Contribute had any until…now

Contribute Team Pictures

  1. Ctrl + Help + About Macromedia Contribute

What a great team! Being able to work with them is truly an honor. The Contribute team rocks!


I believe this is only for Windows

  1. View > Go to Web Address
  2. Enter "play a game" and click OK

Beware. Clients will become un-productive if they find this game. 😛

The Trees

  1. Administer a site
  2. Edit role settings and select New Images
  3. Click the tree image a couple times
  4. Next time you restart Contribute and edit a page…check the image button.

Be sure to check it out every now and then, the tree changes throughout the year. 🙂

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  1. wqe says:

    Thanks of that!!