If you live in the San Francisco / Bay area, then you are most certainly a BADMMUG. I remember when I first went to a meeting and was looking for the office, when I would ask peeps where the room is they would look at me like I was looking for a Hip hop Artist or something with a low rider, gold chains and all the bling and thats simply not true.

This is a unique and highly motivated group of professionals looking for an extra tip and trick here and there.

Not in San Francisco? At least you can watch the live Breeze Presentation:

Note: The presentation will begin at 7:00 PM, PST, that is, West Coast time, which is GMT -8.

I would suggest anyone interested in Flash Detection to try and make this meeting.
You can find more details on their site at:

2 Responses to You a BAADMMUG?

  1. Stefan says:

    The interesting project worthy. The technology of flash already began to lose the popularity and such projects can lift her(it) on a new level in design of sites.

  2. Brine says:

    It’s very sad that meetings go only in San Francisco.