It’s Official, I’m now…

an Adobe employee. When I had heard about the Aquisition from a friend at 5am in the morning on the day of the announcement, I was really afraid what would happen to the fellow co-workers I know and care about so much that work at Macromedia. The culture, the people, what is going to happen!? Eventually, I became so concerned about everyone else I never really thought about myself and what would become of my position.

  • Is my position redundant?
  • Have I been doing a good job?
  • Will Adobe like me?
  • Will Adobe want me?

Tons of these kinds of questions have been zipping through my mind at light speed to the point where I could barely sleep at night. When I got to the point where I wasnt thinking about it, someone else was asking me the same questions either from family members and close friends, co-workers, and the peeps from the designer/developer communities that know me best.

I figured hey, I’m renting a cabin in Tahoe for 4 months with a season pass to snowboard all season at Alpine so worst case scenario I could snowboard all day long…heck all week long. Thinking about what it would be like without working at Macrodobia really stressed me out. I wanted to know my fate either way and soon!!

Well yesterday I received a gleaming white folder with no creases or stains. When I opened the folder, there was an offer letter from Adobe to accept the same position I have had at Macromedia which is a Product Support Engineer! The tension and stress finally disappeared from my face and was transferred to wondering what has happened to my fellow co-workers and other employees at Macromedia.

Come to find out, some had asked to leave, others wanted to stay but still got laid off. After observing all that has happened over the past couple days, I have to come to the conclusion that all of this will work out for the best in the end. Adobe will have the best of the best and should be honored to have such a great group of people now working WITH Adobe.

These are exciting times for us that used to be Macromedians and I’ll definitely bring that thought process and culture over to Adobe. A lot of you that read my blog have expressed their concerns to me directly, I feel this is the best way to let everyone know of my status going forward. To me, this is a major step forward.

I feel this will be the era of Integration and Innovation.

Stay tuned and hang on….we have some exciting times ahead of us. πŸ™‚

For those of you ex-macromedians, good luck, I wish you very the best and please keep in touch. From what I’ve been hearing so far, ex-macromedians are overwhelmed with job offers. This makes me very very happy.

13 Responses to It’s Official, I’m now…

  1. Moca says:

    Hey Allan,
    Damn papi, what a stress but I am really glad to hear you’re still in because we need you there and I am happy to know they can evaluate good talent and not make the mistake of letting them go. I agree with you, the company will have the best of the best and enough power to fight “evil”. The products will be interesting and I bet the challenge will double…
    I feel like Adobe and Macromedia users are very different in a way … and how to combine the perfect UI, shortcuts, features.. oh man I can’t wait to see what you guys will be cooking up and hopefully I’ll get to join from downunder.
    Congrats on your new Adobe position!

  2. yuko says:

    now lets shave our head and go to adobe office!

  3. Hiroshi says:

    mate, I’m glad to hear that they had the decency to keep you!! let me know your new work contact info. congrats and good luck!!

  4. Campbell says:

    Sweeet, happy for ya bro, And jelous of the snowboarding trip. Things will sure be interesting for a while. Keep up the good work too !

  5. Great news Alan! Congratulations on keeping your position. At least now I know we,Ll have at least one Fireworks advocate within Adobe’s walls… πŸ˜‰

  6. Jen deHaan says:

    Congrats Mussels! They/we need people like you around the joint.

  7. Wouldn’t be the same without ya, Alan- glad to hear you’re sticking around!

  8. adel says:

    Congratulations, Alan! As I always say, you da man! πŸ™‚

  9. Does this mean Fireworks has a fighting chance? πŸ™‚

  10. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations to Adobe for buying Macromedia I am sure they will along with all the Macromedia team continue to make the best software on the planet!

  11. Giancarlo says:

    Congratulations Alan! Keep the excellent work πŸ˜€

  12. Jim Babbage says:

    Way to go, Alan! Congrats. I am very happy to know you are staying on. People like you are a necessity; your talent, enthusiasm and support are great boons to us and to Adobe.

  13. Salman says:

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