Canceled: Open Studio Discussion

Just realized I will be traveling tonight and will not be available to host the Open Studio Discussion at 7-9pm PST.
Sorry Folks!
Have a happy holiday and new year! Cya on the flipside…

8 Responses to Canceled: Open Studio Discussion

  1. Campbell says:

    :o( will miss it,
    Happy holidays dude and have a good new year.
    See you nex Year!

  2. DustinDuPree says:

    Oh no!! My holiday dreams are ruined!
    Just kidding, I was actually just stoppin by to say I wouldn’t be there, but it looks like no one will be.
    Happy Holidays / new year all.

  3. Klim says:

    well, looks like the one after this is also cancelled. Adobe keeping you from your blog and Open Discussions?

  4. Ack!
    Sorry, I forgot to send out a cancellation notice. Kinda hard when your stuck in the middle of a redwood forest with no communication tools. 😉

  5. Klim says:

    So, is Open Studio Discussion running as scheduled on this Tuesday (17th)?

  6. Klim –
    Yes it is. See ya tomorrow!

  7. Klim says:

    umm… canceled again today? Or has it been moved and I not informed? 🙁

  8. Sorry Klim. I’ll be ready for the next one. Still trying to situated after re-formatting my machine at work and lost (forgot) passwords etc to post… 🙁