Upcoming: Using Studio 8 to Design a Web Site MacroChat

Hey all, I’ll be hosting a MacroChat covering Studio 8 across the board and how to use it effectively to design websites from beginning to end. Feel free to sign up now as we can only hold up to 200 people during the MacroChat. I’ve also requested this MacroChat to be 2 hours so I can cover more topics and leave room for questions at the end.

Please sign up and I’ll see ya on Jan. 26th!

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see get covered other than the topics listed, please let me know.

PS – Sorry for the lack of posting during the holiday break and the past couple weeks. I’m slowly catching back up if thats what you want to call it. Funny how people thought I lost my job or stopped events due to my lack of not posting regularly. I’ll make sure I stay on top of it going forward and glad to know people actually read my blog!

5 Responses to Upcoming: Using Studio 8 to Design a Web Site MacroChat

  1. Asden says:

    Just signed up. Excellent usability in the signup, very quick and efficient, but the survey at the end of the signup didn’t include ‘blogs’ which I would have thought would be a major source.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Asden! I thought there was a Blog option. 🙁

  3. Just registered for the seminar
    At this point, both of my websites were designed with Contribute but I have hit some roadblocks.
    Prior to the Seminar, could you reply to these 2 questions:
    -What is the best way to edit my current sites HTML to for example Copy and Paste html code to add advertising or Links to my Websites for Google or Yahoo Ads, Events and ther Like.
    -What is the best way to add a digest of my last 5 posts on my BLOG ‘Serge the Concierge’ to both of my websites.
    Take care
    Have a good week-end.
    Serge Lescouarnec
    My Blog:
    My Websites:

  4. Serge –
    In your first question it sounds like you need to insert custom code into the page itself.
    Editing web page source in an external application
    On your second question, Id just copy and paste and go the manual route since you only have 5 posts you need to move. Im not sure what blogging software you use. You might be able to export out the posts/records as HTML, but Im not sure on your setup or blogging software you use currently. Blogging is fairly new to me as this is my first blog to ever have and play with. 🙂
    hope that helps!

  5. Dustin says:

    Awesome, I’ll be there!