New York + Studio 8!

Fireworks Features Research in Manhattan!

Since we have just concluded the merge, we are in a great position to invent some new, great products and add new features to existing ones. If you are in Manhattan, use Fireworks (or switched from Fireworks recently), we would love to show you some ideas we have to improve upcoming features and learn about how you use (or hit the ceiling with) Fireworks.

If you are living in or around New York and work via freelance or in an Web/Print Agency, then you match our qualifications for a customer visit. Of course you might be too busy to meet, but if you are interested in helping make our products specifically Fireworks work better for you than I’d suggest sending us some information so we can try and sync up for a visit.

We are looking for Studio 8 folks, Fireworks Power Users, some Adobe classic print folks that lightly save for web and some full on Adobe folks that use Adobe apps for intensive save for web (via PShop, ImageReady and GoLive).

Please forward your inquries to Danielle Beaumont to see if you or your agency will qualify.

Also note before I worked at Macromedia which is now Adobe, I was visited by the team at a previous job and I had a fantastic time reviewing new features and discussing issues with the team. Its a lot of fun and happens so fast you wont even know it! They also gave us some MM schwag I’d never seen before… 😉

2 Responses to New York + Studio 8!

  1. Hey Alan,
    Is there any chance something like this could happen in or around Montreal… and to a one man shop like mine? 😉
    Btw, it’s out at last:

  2. Stephane –
    You cease to amaze me! We’ll see what we can do.
    That is a fan-tabulous article man! What a way to split the Apple in two halves. Thank you!