Reminder: Open Studio Discussion tonight!

Also, if anyone is interested in reviewing the "Using Studio 8 to design a Website" MacroChat recording, here ya go. I’ve also been informed to re-record the presentation since there was Breeze difficulties. (User Error/Audio issues) Come to find out, my machine was spiking when running DW/FW/FL/CT and using Breeze to screen share which could have caused the audio to drop out consistently. Looks like I will be doing my next recording at home or use a faster machine than my dinky laptop. Sorry folks!

If you have questions about Studio 8 or the MacroChat, please ask them in tonight’s "Open Studio Discussion" Breeze Session from 7-9pm (PST) which is an in-formal, un-official Breeze meeting I run every other Tuesday.

Hope to see ya there! 😉

4 Responses to Reminder: Open Studio Discussion tonight!

  1. Campbell says:

    Yay welcome back Alan :o)

  2. Howard says:

    Are you doing the MicroChat from a studio at the offices on Westlake/Fremont? If yes, what would you think about having a live audience on-site?

  3. Thanks Campbell! See you in a bit!
    Howard –
    The MacroChat/MicroChat/AdobeChat session tonight is performed from my house in San Francisco and is not an official presentation sponsored by Adobe.
    I’d be interested in a live presentation, however, I prefer to help people more with issues with the products than being an evangelist and demoing features.

  4. Dustin says:

    Doh! I missed the return! I’ll have to check out the next one.