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Reminder: Open Studio Discussion tonight!

Yep, its time for another Open Studio Discussion at 7-9pm (PST). This time its happening at the Brain Wash as they have free wireless and I can wash my clothes at the same time. BUT the real reason is I lost my connection last night due to high winds in the Bay Area. Apparently, there was wind speeds up to 98mph. At one point, I thought the building was going to fall out due to an earthquake only to find out it was a wind/rain storm.

Note: I’ll also be recording each session (if I remember too) from here on out since there’s a lot of good tidbits and thoughts to chew on that all can benefit if they missed it or want to watch it.

What would life be like without a mouse?

Just caught a good read over at Scott’s blog for anyone interested about Multi-touch Interaction Experiments.

I’m glad we as humans are finally testing this functionality and not dreaming about it and I’m sure those nice experiments are probably a hefty price tag. Can I wait for this technology? Not really, but it gives us a glimpse of how we may use applications such as Fireworks in the future. 😉

Modifying HTML Output with HTML Styles in Fireworks

Fresh off the press, that’s Trevor’s latest article released on the Fireworks Developer Center. For those of you that didnt know, Firework’s HTML/CSS output is externalized for all to modify till their hearts content using JavaScript.

With Trevor’s latest article you’ll be able to understand and learn how the HTML output works inside Fireworks so you can start making your own to stay in-line with todays ever-changing standards.

Modifying HTML Output with HTML Styles in Fireworks

Scale3/Scale9 Components for Fireworks?

Oh this soooo rocks!! If you havent seen Senocular’s Scale3/Scale9 extension for Fireworks, then by all means download the PNG now, open it in Fireworks and maniplulate the components yourself to see how much time this can save you when prototyping applications or re-usable site layout elements. (You only need to install the extension if you want to create your own custom components.)

Why am I excited about this?

Have you ever had to make mock designs with elements that you had to:

  1. Select the bitmap (Lets say its an OSX form submit button)
  2. Cut it up into 3 bitmaps. (Left corner, Middle, Right Corner)
  3. Use the arrow keys to nudge the corners out so the word "Please Click me" fits on the button
  4. Scale the middle slice horizontally so it meets the left and right corners with no gaps. Nice! That just took 1-2 minutes!

Now open the PNG file, grab a control node on a button and slide it to the right.

What do you think? Was that faster? Any suggestions to improve?

Can you imagine the possibilities this can have with prototyping site layouts, flash apps, or anything like custom containers/rectangles where the corners need to stay intact? I’ve used the components a couple times already and sped the process up by 90%, however, when you need to create a custom component, it might take some time, but you only need to do it once!


What RSS Reader are you using?

There a ton of free RSS readers out there and my favorite one so far is an extenison via FireFox called Wizz RSS News Reader that works directly within FireFox. Talk about ease of use and I prefer to see the actual page of the feed in case I need to log in.


One of the main reasons I use this type of feed is the Fuse Talk Forums on do not identify a News Reader when posting. If anyone has any suggestions on what their using, I’m all ears and always looking for a new approach to reading feeds.

Perfect Match?

Yes, tonight is the night for the Open Studio Discussion! I will be not canceling tonights session but, I will have to leave promptly at 9:00pm to make it in time for our reservations.

Thanks to Lian for creating the Valentines heart. You can find the source here.

What is the Open Studio Discussion?

The Open Studio Discussions is a Breeze room that will be open for 2 hours from 7-9:00pm PST every other Tuesday (starting 07-05) for anyone that uses the Studio (Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Contribute) to come in and ask questions, share ideas, tips, techniques, and explore breeze on a more personal level.

This is pretty much an underground thang and after hours for me, but I’m looking forward to seeing sites and apps, chit-chat or anything cool you have to show off and/or help you get an issue sorted out.

Why Breeze?

A lot of times passing emails back and forth can become tedious, time consuming and complex in support so I use Breeze to communicate directly with the customer to identify the issue, determine a solution, and provide guidance and help to implement that solution. It’s that simple…if I can’t understand the issue through email, generally I’ll ask you to join a Breeze Meeting (screen share etc..) and that way I feel like were both on the same level during the entire experience, its great!


2 hours 7:00-9:00PM (sync time zone, I’m in California ) 02-14-2006 (every other Tuesday)

Fireworks Guru: Stéphane Bergeron

Being long overdue for a new FireworksGuru post, here he is, Stéphane Bergeron.

Stephane is very unique in the Fireworks realm. He has lots of interesting tips and techniques that are spread all over the web including his latest article called Why choose Fireworks? It’s a good read and really touched me which invoked me to make this post.

If you can only imagine, here I am working at Macromedia (before the acquisition) only because my passion for Fireworks has fueled me to take on this job. I realized I like to help others so Product Support was for me then all of a sudden, Adobe announces the acquisition and I started to lose my passion, wants and needs to make Fireworks be what it can be for the community to the point I started thinking if I can only purchase the Fireworks Codebase from Adobe….only to find out Adobeans (not as cool as macromedians in my opinion) used Fireworks and also wanted to make Fireworks a powerful product for us Webheads that want to get in and out and focus on the final design. With that said, I put down the check book and went along my merry way and then he writes the "Why choose Fireworks" article that boosted my self-esteem and made me realize I have forgotten about everyone else that also is passionate about Fireworks.

Thank you Stéphane for everything you have done for the community and hope you do not lose your passion in the tools that make you more productive everyday!


Introduction To Adobe’s LiveCycle

Hey all, I thought this would be good for us Macromedians that have no idea what LifeCycle is and how it can help out your business. From what I’ve seen so far its really neat and just a lot to take in…so if your in the Bay area, be sure to check it out.

The featured speaker will be Mike Potter of Adobe Developer Relations, who will tell all about Adobe’s enterprise-scale document management system, LiveCycle.

When: Wednesday 2/8/06, 6:30 PM
Where: Learn iT! (250 Montgomery Street in the San Francisco Financial District – 15th Floor)
Admission: $7.00 if you register in advance, otherwise $10.00 at the door, to cover the cost of food and drink.

You can sign up for the meeting at the MMUG site:

There’s a number of wonderful prizes to award to raffle winners on Wednesday evening.

  • An Adobe software package, of the winner’s choice, worth up to $1200.
  • A cool bag that is designed to accommodate a laptop and its associated gadgets, as well as paper, pens, keys, cell phone, and so on.
  • A really nice set of earphones for use with your laptop or PDA / iPod.
  • Several really cool small optical mice with self-retracting cords – ideal for use with a portable computer.
  • A CD containing Volume 13 of the DevNet Resource Kit.
  • Seveal nice gray T-shirts with dark blue collar and cuffs, and featuring the Macromedia logo, possibly the last such garments we will ever see.

Note: You need to be present to win!


Intel-based Macs and Adobe?

For those of you interested in knowing how we will be going forward with the new Intel-based Macs, I’d suggest read this FAQ for more information.

Adobe Support for Intel-based Mac Computers