Fireworks Guru: Stéphane Bergeron

Being long overdue for a new FireworksGuru post, here he is, Stéphane Bergeron.

Stephane is very unique in the Fireworks realm. He has lots of interesting tips and techniques that are spread all over the web including his latest article called Why choose Fireworks? It’s a good read and really touched me which invoked me to make this post.

If you can only imagine, here I am working at Macromedia (before the acquisition) only because my passion for Fireworks has fueled me to take on this job. I realized I like to help others so Product Support was for me then all of a sudden, Adobe announces the acquisition and I started to lose my passion, wants and needs to make Fireworks be what it can be for the community to the point I started thinking if I can only purchase the Fireworks Codebase from Adobe….only to find out Adobeans (not as cool as macromedians in my opinion) used Fireworks and also wanted to make Fireworks a powerful product for us Webheads that want to get in and out and focus on the final design. With that said, I put down the check book and went along my merry way and then he writes the "Why choose Fireworks" article that boosted my self-esteem and made me realize I have forgotten about everyone else that also is passionate about Fireworks.

Thank you Stéphane for everything you have done for the community and hope you do not lose your passion in the tools that make you more productive everyday!