Fireworks Guru: Stéphane Bergeron

Being long overdue for a new FireworksGuru post, here he is, Stéphane Bergeron.

Stephane is very unique in the Fireworks realm. He has lots of interesting tips and techniques that are spread all over the web including his latest article called Why choose Fireworks? It’s a good read and really touched me which invoked me to make this post.

If you can only imagine, here I am working at Macromedia (before the acquisition) only because my passion for Fireworks has fueled me to take on this job. I realized I like to help others so Product Support was for me then all of a sudden, Adobe announces the acquisition and I started to lose my passion, wants and needs to make Fireworks be what it can be for the community to the point I started thinking if I can only purchase the Fireworks Codebase from Adobe….only to find out Adobeans (not as cool as macromedians in my opinion) used Fireworks and also wanted to make Fireworks a powerful product for us Webheads that want to get in and out and focus on the final design. With that said, I put down the check book and went along my merry way and then he writes the "Why choose Fireworks" article that boosted my self-esteem and made me realize I have forgotten about everyone else that also is passionate about Fireworks.

Thank you Stéphane for everything you have done for the community and hope you do not lose your passion in the tools that make you more productive everyday!


5 Responses to Fireworks Guru: Stéphane Bergeron

  1. Joe says:

    I was actually thinking of using fireworks to create some cool stuff for my site, I could use a cutom header for the Hummer 3 site, I do enjoy iusing the program!

  2. Jack says:

    I am one of “those who have been using it for some time but who for some reason are not really aware of its true power.” till now I use fireworks just for the very basic stuff (I have the 8 version) and Photoshop for the other web design stuff….
    But this Article realy open my Eyes at the moment I am playing around with Fireworks on stuff I normaly do in photoshop and you know what I did find out it save a hell lot of time using Fireworks and I got a smaller file size!!
    Something I maybe never try and find out when you did not tell me about this article!

  3. Jack –
    I hear ya on the Fireworks front. It’s definitely an easier and more productive app to handle us web commandos. I also use Photoshop, but only for extreme image manipulation. One of my favorite features in Photoshop is surprisingly nothing new to PS which is the Quick mask mode.

  4. Hey Alan,
    Thank you so much for this! I really don’t mind working in the shadows but it’s really nice to get recognition once in a while 🙂
    I’m very happy if my article has fueled your passion for Fireworks again. In it I state 3 reasons for writting it but behind those, there was a secret desire to stirr things up a bit at Adobe/Macromedia (I’m not getting used to it yet…). I wanted people inside to realize how important this application was to its users and how unique and invaluable it really is. If it has lit a few light bulbs in there it was more than worth it… especially since it’s also reaching people in the community, the exact people I wrote it for and who I hoped would now “get it”.
    Let me thank you again for your enthusiasm and for keeping the flame alive from within. It’s heart warming to see someone inside share the same passion that we in the trenches have for an application that makes our lives so much easier every day. Thank you also for trying to share your own passion through your Open Studio discussions on Fireworks and your posts in the Forum and your blog. There’s been a huge hole left for us in the community since Mark Haynes “left” but now, you are filling it.
    Keep up the good work Alan… it is truly appreciated in this little corner of the world…

  5. Paul Aston says:

    Dear Fireworks friends,
    Im have a bit of a delema. Im trying to connect a fireworks based website that I’ve built to a paypal account. Does anyone know of a way to go from fireworks to paypal without having to rebuild the page in dreamweaver? Many thanks in advance.