What RSS Reader are you using?

There a ton of free RSS readers out there and my favorite one so far is an extenison via FireFox called Wizz RSS News Reader that works directly within FireFox. Talk about ease of use and I prefer to see the actual page of the feed in case I need to log in.


One of the main reasons I use this type of feed is the Fuse Talk Forums on Macromedia.com do not identify a News Reader when posting. If anyone has any suggestions on what their using, I’m all ears and always looking for a new approach to reading feeds.

22 Responses to What RSS Reader are you using?

  1. Ben Partch says:

    I use Sage – http://sage.mozdev.org/, also a Firefox extension. I like it alot. πŸ™‚

  2. Aaron says:

    I use RSSOwl, it’s a little obscure, but it seems to suit my needs the best thus far.

  3. Howard H says:

    Just out of curiosity, where is the “Fuse Talk Forum” that you mention on Macromedia.com
    I’ve searched the MM site to no avail.
    BTW: I’ve been using both Sage and FeedDemon

  4. Aaron, jhey –
    Nice! I’ll be checking those out later tonight. Anything to help me stay on top of the forums, the better. πŸ˜‰
    Howard –
    All our Product Forums use FuseTalk:

  5. I use http://www.sharpreader.net/ I like the whole rss as email model is uses, without it cluttering up my actual email.

  6. FeedDemon all the way…
    It’s the only thing between me and information overload πŸ˜‰

  7. Kim C. says:

    Bloglines, ’cause I work on multiple computers during the course of my day. Working in a browser interface is just a lot more convenient for me.

  8. Howard H says:

    O.K. then, I wasn’t aware about the use of Fuse Talk. Quite frankly, I’d never heard anything about it. I know about MXNA aggregator; but, not Fuse Talk. Is Fuse Talk a MM(nee Adobe) proprietary product?
    I have successfully tested Contribute, CF,DW, FW of the MM forums in FeedDemon, RSSOwl, Sage, and TBird.
    FWIW: I did a quick load and check of Wizz and didn’t find it all that easy to use. I suspect that it’s all about personal taste.

  9. jdanylko says:

    Actually, I’m using two…
    Google Reader (http://www.google.com/reader)
    FeedDemon (http://www.bradsoft.com/) Anxiously waiting for version 2.0 to be fully released.
    Google Reader is for work and travel, while FeedDemon is for home.

  10. I use SharpReader as well.

  11. deeje says:

    i should plug NetNewsWire for Mac OS X http://ranchero.com/netnewswire

  12. Howard H says:

    I’ve just run across another very nice RSS tool called RSS Bandit. It can be found at http://www.rssbandit.org/ It has a lot of nice features and seem to be pretty quick. It also has the capability of working on your own blog for editing and posting. This all in a single tool. I’m still evaluating it at this point.

  13. jen d. says:

    Always love these RSS reader posts πŸ™‚
    Here at work I’ve used Newsgator (free online version), and FeedReader (yuck) – and after reading this, have tried out the Wizz RSS and Sage in Firefox for the past couple days. Have to say out of all the ones on this machine mentioned above, I like Sage the best. I found Wizz’s usability a bit awkard (especially how you mouse over links and it opens them, instead of clicking them – perhaps that can be turned off, but it really messed with my head). Also didn’t really like relying on that Watch List thing. Other than that, it was ok. I too like the browser or outlook plugin idea rather than standalone tools or online reader (like newsgator).
    Another neat thing is I was able to drag all of my folders from Wizz to Sage, so switching over only took two seconds πŸ™‚

  14. jen d.
    Did you try FeedDemon? I tried several feed readers and I find that it stands head and shoulders above the rest, especially the newest beta version (Nick Bradbury’s betas are often more stable than some released software… πŸ˜‰
    I read feeds from two machines and the integration with NewsGator is awesome as I never see the same feeds as new on the second machine when I’ve read them on the first. Give it a go if you haven’t already. It’s not free but I believe you really get what you pay for…

  15. Stephane –
    I played with all the various readers mentioned above and found the NewsGator Outlook Plugin to work best for me.
    Thats one less app I have to open or have open on a daily basis and like you mentioned, it can be used across multiple systems. πŸ˜‰

  16. Klim says:

    One of the most discussed topics. No reader fits all. But I would like to throw in my favorite (and I have already tried the above mentioned):
    Klipfolio (www.serence.com)
    I would recommend the Beta 3. Unlike other bulky desktop readers, this one is extremely customizable, small, and light. Give it a spin. I’m currently running Beta 3C, which can be found in their forums.

  17. Raz-L says:

    I use Opera, RSS are supported by the Opera Mail client. neat.

  18. jen d. says:

    Yep, I’ve used FeedDemon – tis on the home computer though πŸ™‚

  19. peter says:

    FeedDemon 2.
    Recently upgraded from 1.5, and it is definitely worth it.
    Also, for quick RSS reading, i’ve become addicted to Firefox’s Live Bookmarks. I’ve set up folders and subfolders so i can quickly scan a dozen of my favorite blogs for new posts in a few seconds.

  20. FeedDemon 2.0 is really good. I’m glad to use the same newsgator account as well across the apps..