OSD: Canceled

All, I’m moving the OSD session to tomorrow night (Wednesday) same time as usual. I totally forgot I bought tickets to see a friend play tonight in SF at the Plush Room and it just so happened to be tonight.

Sorry! See ya tomorrow tonight!

4 Responses to OSD: Canceled

  1. Campbell says:

    Kewl have fun bro!
    snif snif ill just sit here on my hands :oP

  2. Argh, I really have to start remembering to come to these!!! There is one tonight and if I’m not really tired at 9:00 (CST) I’ll be there!

  3. Wait a second, there is one tonight right? I thought I heard something about it being weekly now but I could be wrong.

  4. Kelly says:

    Can you all help me with something? I keep getting the message “scratch disks are full” when trying to save a photoshop file? I’m an amateur and don’t know what to do to rectify that situation? Sorry to barge into your area and ask such an amateur question. Thought you could help.
    Thanks and have a great day.