Flash Video FLV Encoders compared

How do you tell if you are using the right Video Encoder to convert your videos to FLV?

For an overview on the various Video Encoders out there I’d strongly suggest you read the "Selecting a Flash Video Encoder" article in this months Adobe Edge Newsletter.

Flash Video FLV Encoder Comparisons

I’m not saying the Flash Video Encoder that comes with Flash 8 Professional isnt good, its just nice to have a couple options out there when exploring various Video Encoders and I think Elliot Mebane summed it up very nicely.

If you do not have time to read the article, than you should at least explore the real-time FLV comparison for various FLV compression settings at Flash Video FAQ.

Thanks Elliot!

3 Responses to Flash Video FLV Encoders compared

  1. Jen d. says:

    Great topic, glad Edge covered it. It’s quite a market for these things out there. On my forums, I’ve noticed a pretty harsh number of posts that come from some of the (smaller) companies in the “Video to Flash” market advertising their products. Some even go so far as to sign up as users asking fake questions, and “respond” promoting their tools. Bleh.
    Anyway, looks like Elliot has done a great job at comparing the good ones.

  2. samura says:

    thank you so much