Join the Fireworks Beta!

If anyone is interested, Id highly suggest applying for the Fireworks Beta:

"Adobe invites existing and prospective members of the Fireworks community to participate in a private beta for the next release of Fireworks. Due to limited availability, we are asking those interested to apply. Accepted submissions will be notified via e-mail within two weeks of receipt."

5 Responses to Join the Fireworks Beta!

  1. I use Fireworks all the time. I’m really happy (not to mention relieved) that Adobe is putting some effort into carrying the application forward.
    What I particularly like about Fireworks is the ease with which you can work with both bitmap and vector images.
    I’m also extremely familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator but the _enforced_ switching from one app to the next is irksome and not how I prefer to work.
    Leo Robert Klein
    Chicago, IL

  2. Christen says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what magical features we’re in store for. Fireworks just keeps on getting better. Where’s the “switch” campaign?
    Good luck,

  3. Sean Hinchliffe says:

    I am so happy to hear fireworks is going to be around ….. Although I have the complete adobe cs2 suite….I still find myself going back to Fireworks time and time again… Old habits die hard I guess. I design t-shirts for screenprinting and I love fireworks.

  4. Hi Alan- I just read the article in Edge about Fireworks 9, and I’m stoked. I teach web design at the local community college, and we use FW for our graphics end of the classes. I’ve been asked to speak to the local MUG in February about FW, and was wondering if I could get a beta copy or any support material to get the word out about the new version? I’ve been a FW user since the first beta back in the 90s, and I try to convert as many users as I can. Anything you could do to help me get the word out locally would be a big help. Thanks for the fine work..

  5. Leland says:

    Awesome man! I just checked out the Edge article today, yeah been busy and obviously behind on the news out of Adobe. Going to jump on that beta if I can still get in. I’m working over at Fossil now though doing all of the Flash stuff for the main site and all of the international stuff. It’s awesome, totally love it, cool place with a lot of cool people and a huge discount on clothing and watches to boot! Anyways, hit me up sometime man would love to see ya next time you come to Dallas.