More Fireworks Articles on!

What’s a Fireworks Developer Center without technical articles about Fireworks?

Here’s a couple articles fresh off the press with a BIG thanks to Bevin and Grant for spending the time out of their busy schedule to write these for and spread the knowledge.

Discovering the Fireworks RPC server – Part 1: XML and socket communication
Understand the basic client/server relationship and XML tag structure needed to share custom extensions and other Fireworks functionality across a network.

Discovering the Fireworks RPC server – Part 2: Debugging techniques and web applications
Test tags and catch errors with a simple debugger panel and review a sample .NET web application that watermarks uploaded images automatically.

Lessons learned from the Fireworks to XAML Exporter
Create Fireworks extensions by learning about tools that reduce repetitive tasks and speed your understanding of the Fireworks Object Model.

2 Responses to More Fireworks Articles on!

  1. Martin Finnegan says:

    Hi Alan. I have been playing with Kuler and its great except the guys developing it don’t seem to think Fireworks users deserve any consideration, in terms of downloading the colour swatches.
    Would be interested in your comments?

  2. Hey Martin –
    Comments added. Thanks for raising the concern!