Textures, textures and more textures…

If you have have never used a Texture in Fireworks, then now is the time to do so. Fireworkszone has been very active lately with updating their Textures resource for Fireworks users and even offering some commerical Textures for a small fee..of course they provide a sample set for you to use before purchasing the entire collection.

Check out then entire FireworksZone Textures Section

I’ll also note their latest Texture pack is a refreshing change to the default diagonal/horizontal textures that come with Fireworks 8.


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  1. Paul Aston says:

    Dear Alan,
    You’ve been so kind in the past with answering my questions andI hope you can help me again. I am still using Dreamweaver and Fireworks 3. Can you think of any ways to enhance the ability of the sites that I build to be more easily picked up by search engines? When I attended a MacroMedia conference years
    ago the buiding of sites in Fireworks was heavily promoted.
    Do you have any thoughts on this subject? Many thanks in
    Best, Paul Aston

  2. Hi Paul –
    While DW/FW 3 will get the job done, you gotta upgrade to Studio 8 and use the latest Dreamweaver and Fireworks 8. There have been a lot of improvements in many areas to help you do your job more efficiently.
    In my experience with search engines, I always do it manually instead of relying on some search engine program to do it for you. Manually adding yourself to search engines is the best way IMO.
    Ah I love conferences. Yes, Fireworks is promoted for building of sites. It would also vary depending on the project.

  3. Michel says:

    There’s no easy way to make so websites are easily picked up by search engines – except one, maybe.
    Write nice, semantic (x)HTML and style your pages/create your layouts depending solely on CSS.
    There’s a very good article by Roger Johansson, here are the links:
    (BTW, Fireworks 3/DW 3, this is waaaaay too old:)
    And as far as drawing/graohic design is concerned, no problems with that – create your graphics in any editor. But when code is concerned (html/css), better not to rely on Dreamweaver 3 for that – for code I wouldn’t rely even on DW 8!
    Learn the basics, start with the html, build on top of that with CSS, and that’s it 😉
    Google searches HTML code – the better and the leaner it is, the easier the task is for G.! But put too much unneeded stuff into the html – and the search task becomes much more difficult…
    A List Apart is also a good resource.
    Read, experiment… There’s no Studio 8 which might help you learn HTML/CSS design – you have to learn it for yourself.
    You may code your pages even in Notepad2 then;-)
    Fireworks 8 is a good choice for graphics, too:)
    Good luck! 🙂

  4. Michel says:

    Thx for the textures! I’ve been waiting for something fresh from a loong time:)
    BTW, thx for your comment in (optimiced.com/en/2007/01/15/yahoo-messenger-logo-reloaded/), I really appreciate that:)
    I included your blog in my blogroll so I won’t miss something important on Fireworks by accident;-)
    Cheers, Michel

  5. Peter says:

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  6. Dobr says:

    Thanks for “FireworksZone Textures Section” and “latest Texture pack”. Really useful blog. Thanks!