New Gradient Transform panel for Fireworks!

Grant has done it again…First, it was the XAML Exporter for Fireworks and now we have a fancy Gradient Transform panel to use for modifiying Gradients with extreme precision.



One of my favorite features is being able to expand the panel (illustrated above) as wide as you want and use the zoom in feature to manipulate the nodes with ease.


Be sure to give Grant a thank you and any feedback you think would help make the panel even better!

11 Responses to New Gradient Transform panel for Fireworks!

  1. Campbell says:

    Wow thats pretty cool man!

  2. Bliznakov says:

    Just bigest WOW I can make!
    TESTED – work great.

  3. Bliznakov says:

    I just miss the save function.

  4. lian says:

    I was awaiting for something like this since ages…
    big thanks to Grant and you Alan for sharing with us.

  5. Michel says:

    It’s great! I’ve been missing this kind of tool for ages!
    Thx! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mike T. says:

    Well, this blows the gradient transform panel I was working on away. Which is probably good, seeing as how gradschool owns me. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’d still like to see a gradient rotate feature on this panel…like an extra tab maybe?

  7. Dan Walker says:

    Has anyone successfully installed the Gradient Panel? It installs, but no command appears on any menu. Am using Fireworks from CS3 Master Collection with latest updates. No reply from Adobe.

  8. Hey Dan –
    Its actually a Command Panel. You can find the panel in Window > Gradient Panel.

  9. Peter says:

    Thank you for the useful informations.

  10. shopping says:

    Wow, this looks like you can really do some serious precision work here. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing how I can use it, in my beginner status of CSS. Fireworks looks interesting too, so I’m keen to check that out.
    Man, gradient work can sometimes be really irritating, so when we can do it with precision all the more better. I’m really happy about that. Thanks again.

  11. This is really amazing! The expandable feature makes it totally awesome! Youโ€™re a genius, Grant!