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SXSW 2007 + Adobe Fireworks

SXSW is seen for Video, clicked for interactive, and heard for music, of course I was there for the Interactive portion of the event more than anything else. It’s amazing how many people you meet *outside* of SXSW when attending the Events at night around 5-6th street in Austin, Texas. I listened to developers screaming at the top of their lungs trying to explain to me this application or website they developed using Adobe products over the live music and inhaled more second-hand cigarette smoke to make me want to start smoking again, but you know what, it was worth every minute of it. Austin is jam-packed with a bunch of web slingers that get the job done. I love you Austin and thank you for showing me the ropes…literally.

Working on the Fireworks Team has its advantages and disadvantages. One major disadvantage of working on any product is you can burn yourself out and I was burned out until I saw the customers reactions of the Fw9 sneak at SXSW. Danielle Beaumont (Fireworks Product Manager) gave a sneak of Fireworks CS3 at the Adobe Stage. I was almost instantly revitalized when I overheard comments from attendees like “Can you believe that?” or “Wow, that’ll shave 2 hours off my workload every day.” Only then did I realize how much went into this release of Fireworks 9. While I want to share the full details of the presentation and discuss some of my favorite new features, you’ll just have to wait till March 27th. 😉

Fireworks Guru: Aaron Beall

Aaron Beall deserves some serious Fw love in regards to what he has accomplished with the Fireworks API and Command panels and on top of that you can find him on the Fireworks Support Forums as well as the FireworksGuru Forum.

Visit Aaron’s site as well as his special site dedicated to Fireworks that contains some very nice extensions for Fw Extenders as well as for Pixel pushers.

Thanks Aaron, Keep up the great work!