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Demo PNG from Session today

Thanks to everyone for attending the Fireworks Open Discussion today. As promised, here’s the demo file I was using when answering questions that were better to be seen than described.


3D Rotate Command – Fireworks CS3

Aaron Beall busted out this amazing 3D Rotate command that lets you rotate objects on the X/Y/Z axis. You gotta check it out if you havent seen the command already.

StarCraft 2 is coming!

If Blizzard pulls this off, I’ll be one happy Zerg for quite some time in the near future!

Fireworks Developer Center: Fresh Downloads!

If you haven’t seen the new Fireworks Developer Center, I’d suggest taking a peep. We updated the Fireworks Downloads section with 2 fresh Downloads thanks to
Steven Grosvenor and
Jose Angel Rivera Dominguez!

Steven added a Command Panel called Super Guides 1.0 (Super useful for Isometric Shapes and more) and Jose added a fantastic set of Old Paper Styles for that instant Old Paper effect that is very useful.