StarCraft 2 is coming!

If Blizzard pulls this off, I’ll be one happy Zerg for quite some time in the near future!

15 Responses to StarCraft 2 is coming!

  1. Erik Porroa says:

    Hey, I saw it the last night … really its a big new version, wanted for all the veterans gamers!… Hope they release the launch day ASAP!

  2. StarCraft2 says:

    Have you seen the cool new units? There’s this one big, powerful protoss mothership. You can get only one of it at a time. Very expensive but rather powerful. I’ve got more reviews of units in my website.

  3. Chris Davis says:

    yes! yes!
    i’ve been sick and tired hearing about warcraft this and warcraft that – i’ve totally been waiting for a new starcraft!

  4. leland says:

    OMG! My day has just been made! I call dibs on being the first online beat down you hand out! 🙂

  5. Juan Garcia says:

    Theres a rumor of Star Craft II Demo comming out soon.. so keep a look out

  6. hugh says:

    i thought the real one was comin out early next year but they might get delayed to october 2008

  7. Henry says:

    I can just imagine the build time on the mothership already.
    I’m really skeptical on a demo coming out for Starcraft II or it’s release date. It’s blizzard we’re talking about.

  8. Paul says:

    I can’t wait to play and build….(sigh) who cares i’m gonna get a new computer and starcraft 2

  9. Alex says:

    I Want the Daemmmo!! :[

  10. Heheee – I already upgraded my vid card to a gforce 8800 GTS with 640mb (evga). Im ready and waiting. 🙂
    For now, Im playing Command and Conquer 3!

  11. tom1199 says:

    finaly and i heard some good news its coming out
    12/30/07 i cant wait its my birth day sonn aftrer the release date

  12. todor says:

    Yeah me too. I also run a starcraft 2 fansite which covers everything starcraft 2 related check it out:

  13. Dobr says:

    Not prefered game by me, even time by time I play this game with my friend.

  14. big T says:

    ive been playing sc1 since i was 3. SC2 better rock!!

  15. Neison says:

    A freind told me that i could download starcraft 2 demo from a sight when i search