Fireworks CS3 Updater Available!

We released an Updater for Fireworks CS3 today that improves the overall quality and fixes critical bugs that affected new features such as 9-Slice Scaling and Pages.

Note: If you turned on Automatic Updates to download the Updater then you should be notified when the Updater is downloaded. This Updater process is different than the Macromedia approach to updates and is a smoother install and personally I’m glad Fireworks users can now have the same experience when installing Updaters. (In Fireworks CS3, access the Updater by going to the file menu: Help > Updates…)

One of the biggest fixes that I’m really excited about is a legacy bug thats not listed, but has been plaguing Fireworks users for years. This nasty bug would create stray, un-wanted pixels around sharp vector nodes on a path. It was easy to cover up or flatten to a bitmap and erase the pixels, but hey why do all that when you can download the updater! Another big one for me is attributes such as a drop shadow do not scale within a symbol that has 9-slice enabled.

This updater is one up for Fireworks customers, enjoy!

24 Responses to Fireworks CS3 Updater Available!

  1. Sander V says:

    Great to hear about the stray pixels getting fixed. Next major annoyance for me personally is that scrollwheel doesn’t work in palettes (using OS X) and when duplicating a page, it won’t duplicate guides from that page. Would love to see these getting fixed too.

  2. Sander V says:

    Oh, seems that you have fixed the issue with guides. Thanks for that, it makes the pages feature much more usable for me now.
    [Alan] Yeppers, I was responding to let you know we fixed that one as well, but you beat me to it. 🙂
    We’ll see what we can do about the scroll wheel functionality on the Mac in panels.

  3. Is there a Release Notes document we can see somewhere Alan?
    [Alan] From what I understand the Updater app itself gives a description of the updater.

  4. I must have missed that then but the update was installed alongside 3 others for me.
    [Alan] I’ll see when we can post the full release notes on the support center.

  5. Danger says:

    I’v installed this patch,and result is:
    [Alan] Thanks for the find Danger. It appears the Mac and Win Rich Symbols that contain multiple states using Bitmaps are broken. All other Rich Symbols are working properly. We are currently investigating and will have a resolution asap!

  6. tesion says:

    oh my god!!! how can i uninstall the update??
    because has a big wrong …
    my old png files has wrong like:
    download and used the fireworks cs3 to open, the 9-slice………………………please!!!

  7. German Bauer says:

    FWIW, I installed the patch as well and I am seeing the same issues as Danger with the prebuilt common symbols in the windows xp group, mac buttons also do funky stuff now when scaled to be wider (like change their state).
    However the new scaling for my own symbols works great and I appreciate that filters like drop shadows now also work perfectly with 9-patch scaling. For me this is the biggest win, and I am happy about the update. Maybe Adobe can fix the common symbols to work with the new scaling behavior?

  8. I’m having the exact same problem as Danger and Tesion. Once symbols coming from the Common Library are scaled, their Disabled layers seem to take over.
    But OMG, the stray pixel problem we’ve all been complaining about for ages is finally fixed! Fireworks is now officially my all-around graphic tool. ALL-AROUND.

  9. Angel Massa says:

    How can uninstall this update?
    After updating Fireworks CS3 now it freezes everytime I start it and stays not responding for minutes until it responds again and I can work with it.

  10. sc says:

    I’m having the same issue with Common Library scaling. This is clearly seen when trying to resize the Mac OS X button. As soon as you re-scale it, the button takes on a wierd shade of blue in between the up and down state of the button. Changing the symbol attributes do nothing to fix it.
    Also, please add in mouse-wheel scroll support for the OS X palettes

  11. Wilhelm says:

    Same problem: Adobe Fireworks CS3 Not Responding after startup. Can take up to 5 minutes to respond – then it seems fine. Running on Vista. Did a clean Vista install, followed by a clean CS3 install and update just to make sure it wasn’t some stray software causing it. Problem remains, and the irritation level grows.

  12. Sander Hoge says:

    I know you talk about a clean installed vista, but…I experienced the same problem you describe and it was caused by using microsoft onecare software. When i turned off the “virus and spyware checker” the problem is solved and fireworks loads normally. Hope this helps for you.
    Nice update by the way, the 9 slice scaling and better working one is a major timesaver for my prototyping projects.

  13. jw says:

    I got build on mac, it says no new updates available.
    But I got same problem with common library button changing to a different state image when resized, the symbol properties dont change anything and only work if the image has not been resized.
    Once this is fixed I will really be able to start using this very cool feature for serious prototyping
    Feel free to contact me if you need testing to get this bug fixed.

  14. Markku says:

    No need to add fuel to the fire, but regarding scale-9 and Common library scripts, this was a bad update. I’ve got a plenty of custom symbols that are useless to me now since the update.
    I have to instal the old version back in order to continue with my work.

  15. Yep, we are well aware of the issue and currently testing the fix as we speak. I’ll post here when the patch is available.

  16. George says:

    Hello and congratulations!

  17. All – We updated the Updater to include the fixes that have been discussed here with Rich Symbols. Either you will get prompted or automatically installed depending on how you set your preferences for the update manager.

  18. Sander Hoge says:

    yahoo, cs3 now works with onecare software turned on!

  19. Chris Blackstone says:

    has the update been pulled? I’m experiencing, again, a bug in Fireworks where the Transparency matte Color box displays off-screen. And when I go to the Updates menu in fireworks, no updates are found

  20. Hey Chris –
    Not at all, you should verify the latest updater by going to Window > About Fireworks and making sure its build 1213.

  21. Jade says:

    Hi, I have just upgraded to CS3 with a clean install of Vista. I am having trouble with the bitmap tools (brush, eraser & blur only)flickering. I have switched Vista back to classic view which fixes the issue, but it sort of defeats the purpose… Will there be a patch for this?

  22. Hi Jade –
    It’s an unfortunate bug since we were not able to fully test vista for Fw9. Engineering is aware of the issue and we are actively investigating to see what we can do to fix it. A workaround for now is to disable the Aero theme in Vista.

  23. Patrick says:

    I know this is a bit off topic, but I really don’t understand how the common library symbols are supposed to work. I want to represent a content box with a scroll bar using the WinXP scrollbar symbol, but I need it to be shorter. I don’t want to scale proportionately, but change height of the overall symbol while leaving width, the arrows, and proportions the same. I don’t understand how to do this. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  24. Tom says:

    we just upgraded to CS3 at work… and I cannot scroll the pages up and down with my mouse, is there a way to turn that on or can we not do that any more. It seems I can do it with everything else in the program but not with a document. Any help would be great!