Fireworks CS3 Updater Available!

We released an Updater for Fireworks CS3 today that improves the overall quality and fixes critical bugs that affected new features such as 9-Slice Scaling and Pages.

Note: If you turned on Automatic Updates to download the Updater then you should be notified when the Updater is downloaded. This Updater process is different than the Macromedia approach to updates and is a smoother install and personally I’m glad Fireworks users can now have the same experience when installing Updaters. (In Fireworks CS3, access the Updater by going to the file menu: Help > Updates…)

One of the biggest fixes that I’m really excited about is a legacy bug thats not listed, but has been plaguing Fireworks users for years. This nasty bug would create stray, un-wanted pixels around sharp vector nodes on a path. It was easy to cover up or flatten to a bitmap and erase the pixels, but hey why do all that when you can download the updater! Another big one for me is attributes such as a drop shadow do not scale within a symbol that has 9-slice enabled.

This updater is one up for Fireworks customers, enjoy!