Fireworks CS3 Open Session!

Come join us for an open discussion about Fireworks CS3! If you have questions or want to share a tip or trick thats cool with us. Feel free to stop on by and learn from myself and other Fireworkers in the Connect Session.

Starts in 40 minutes- 11am PST

Be sure to login as a Guest. You do need a Username and Password.

Connect Room:

3 Responses to Fireworks CS3 Open Session!

  1. Tom Okeefe says:

    Thanks Alan, looking forward to the next one.
    Tom Okeefe

  2. German Bauer says:

    Random question (can’t remember whether this was covered)
    If I need to insert a symbol from the doc library or the common symbols library, can this be scripted using JSF scripts?
    I saw nothing in the docs about scripting being extended to these new facilities. Maybe I looked in the wrong place, but this would be a feature request I have and would use often for prototyping.

  3. Alexandre Madurell says:

    Gggggag… missed it again (time zone difference is driving me nuts).
    I’ll join the next one 🙂
    BTW: Do you know of similar sessions being conducted about Flash CS3/AS3?