I want to give a big thank you to the individuals that formed TODCON!

Not only was the TODCON team welcoming and very helpful, but the attendees and presenters (and presentations of course!) made the experience for me overwhelming. I’ve engaged peeps via email for years that I have never met face to face until I went to TODCON and I have to say those relationships have been strengthened ten fold.

I’ve been asked a couple times where my presentation files for the rapid prototyping session are so here ya go:

For those that did not attend TODCON, there are some special extensions included in the zip that is worthwhile to mention that I announced at TODCON!

In the extensions folder is:

Color Palette_BETA (Command Panel)
This is a huge improvement of the current Color Palette panel that ships with Fireworks CS3 today. Some improvements worth mentioning are better user experience, bug fixes, interact with active selections, faster performance, new Named Colors addition(Customizable via XML file)

Demo Current Document (Command)
Gives you the ability to create a very simple flash slideshow for showing your boss thats hanging over your shoulder or for the client that you need to call fast and get the approval for you move on to production. The command is super cool and the source FLA/AS files are also available for those that are inclined to extend the command for their own purposes.

I also included other extensions that I would recommend/help in prototyping that you can already find on the Downloads tab in the Fireworks Developer Center.

2 Responses to TODCON 2007

  1. Jesse says:

    It was good seeing all the Adobe folks at TODCon this year. For a small conference it certainly is packed with good information and people… and thanks for the extensions 😉

  2. It was good seeing you again Jesse. Hopefully we can cross paths at MAX. Not sure if I will make it to any shows in-between…