Export Favicon from Fireworks CS3

If you ever need to create a favicon such as a .ICO for a site then nows your chance to get John Dunning’s Export to Favicon command for Fireworks CS3. It works really well and also has the capibility to generate 16px and 32px ICOs with transparency. I do find PNGs work really too, but not all browsers support the PNG as a Favicon.

You can find the Export to Favicon Command and more at the Fireworks Developer Center.

Thanks John!

3 Responses to Export Favicon from Fireworks CS3

  1. Great, always better than downloading some program to create favicons. Fireworks is the best!

  2. Harry says:

    I can’t get this extension to work on Fireworks CS3 for Mac.
    Whenever I run the command to export favicon it allows me to choose a target folder and appears to run the command but doesn’t create any files in the target folder.
    Has anyone else had this problem or know how to get it to work?