Weekly Fw CS3 session in 2 hours!

Wow, is it already that time again? 🙂

The last session was recorded, but when using the Camera/voice pod my machine became slow and not responsive to some extent. If we do not use the audio today, thats fine, but it really depends on the questions you all come and ask in the session.

It could be a discussion or if someone wants to show off something they created in fireworks thats cool too.

See ya in a couple hours!

Adobe Connect: http://my.adobe.acrobat.com/osd/ (Login as a guest and not a registered user)

Thursday (Today) at 11:00am PST

5 Responses to Weekly Fw CS3 session in 2 hours!

  1. Deborah says:

    Is there a Fireworks session today, July 12, 2007? I clicked the link to go to the session, but all I get is a page with a message that the session hasn’t started yet. I thought the sessions started at 11AM PST, which is 2PM EST.

  2. Peter R says:

    Same here. I hope there isn’t a problem.

  3. Hey, Im sorry. I was hoping to have the presentation on the plane as I was traveling to India, but apparently they (boeing) canceled the Wifi Service on the plane and I wasnt able to have the Jam Session. 🙁
    Sorry about that!

  4. Peter R says:

    No problem Alan, hope you have a good trip. Is it on for next week?

  5. Hey Peter –
    Yes we will continue the session. Brijesh on the fw team has joined up with me to host the session. I can attend some of the session, but not all. 🙁