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Vector Path rendering in Fireworks

A lot of Fireworks users are not aware of how Fireworks renders paths and assumes what they are running into is a bug. Here’s an informative TechNote for you to explore and even download various extensions to aid you when running into a problem where the stroke becomes blurry, fuzzy and aliased to the point you are trying to get the path back to normal. This also typically happens when you zoom into the document to modify vectors.

Vector path rendering in Fireworks

FlexCamp and Fireworks

This last Friday night was FlexCamp and lemme tell ya I had a lot of fun other than the fact that I couldnt grab the goodie bag, t-shirt and the cool mug. These are the dis-advantages of being an Adobe Employee and something I missed when I was a customer. Seriously, I cant tell you how jazzed up I would get when someone offered me a t-shirt or some goodie that said adobe/macromedia on it. I still pickup schwag when I can and usually give my schwag away to someone thats not an adobe employee. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you receive schwag!

On the same note , if anyone can beat my Macromedia Fireworks (embroidered logo on the back) coat from Fireworks 4 days, prove it!

Michael had a great session and posted Flex sources and comments about FlexCamp. It was also really great to see Narciso demo the new Fireworks extension that worked with the new Import dialog in Flex 3. This extension would let you edit say the Button template and in one click, export the template to import into Flex. The new Import dialog available in Flex 3 will compile your assets and build a CSS file automatically. Pretty neat stuff!

Be on the lookout for Flex 360 in Seattle and you definitely wont want to miss Adobe MAX 2007 in Chicago!

Geek Glue, Flex and Fireworks

Geek Glue is geeking out on the Flex Integration in Fireworks CS3. 🙂 As they are creating additional components to the standard shipping set, I noticed some good trial and error tips. These posts are a good read on Geek Glue:

Fireworks CS3 : Creating Flex Symbols

FFC : LinkButton – Tidying Up

Fireworks Flex Components : Extended

Fireworks Flex Components : Label

There are also some great articles on Flex/Fw in the Fireworks Developer Center as well.

Recording of Todays Jam Session

So I figured out how to transfer a recording from my Meetings in Connect to a meeting everyone can see. Thanks to Blue2x for showing some killer Text effects and background effects in this weeks Jam Session!

Fireworks Awards/Reviews

Here’s a good review by TecKMagazine for Fireworks CS3:

Some other reviews:

Fireworks CS3 Features: Intelligent Scaling

Fireworks CS3: 5 Reasons You Might Upgrade

I also never noticed this until now but there is a page on the Fireworks product side nav called Reviews and awards. Good to know about that link below. 😉

Fireworks Reviews and awards

Jedi’s Orb + Background + Lights Tutorial

Jedi over at created a great tutorial on creating an Orb like object with accurate lighting effects on the background. Check it out when you get a chance, I picked up some good tips on using the Edge property in combination with textures in the Property Inspector.

Fireworks Developer Center – Updated!

Two new updates in the Fireworks Developer Center worth mentioning here is Viktor’s updated Color Palette panel for Fireworks CS3 which adds a new user experience and some new enhancements that make using the panel that much more enjoyable to work with. Due to popular demand, the other update is the Create Slideshow players source FLAs/AS files have been posted for your own personal enjoyment and customization using Flash CS3. (The HTML/Spry version is straight forward and doesnt require posting the source.)

FireworksGuru: Rocket Theme

If any of you use Fireworks and work with Joomla templates or are thinking about using a Joomla template with Fireworks then Rocket Theme is the place for you. I have seen the Rocket Theme team output some killer templates and they also went the extra mile to make sure they are coded properly for your installing pleasure.

Why Rocket Theme you ask? Why not?! They have an excellent forum where they constantly help peeps get up to speed with Fireworks and overall make sure their community is taken care of. The amount of templates they push out is a mystery to me and the quality is top notch..amazing work especially with their latest template released called
Replicant. Be sure to check out their Tutorials section where you will be able to quickly get up to speed with Fireworks and Joomla!

I’ve started to investigate building export scripts to work with Joomla templates so all you have to do is modify the graphics and export the template in one shot. It will take some time and attention and overall will be pretty cool once I or someone else has the time to create them.

Go Rocket Theme! 🙂