FireworksGuru: Rocket Theme

If any of you use Fireworks and work with Joomla templates or are thinking about using a Joomla template with Fireworks then Rocket Theme is the place for you. I have seen the Rocket Theme team output some killer templates and they also went the extra mile to make sure they are coded properly for your installing pleasure.

Why Rocket Theme you ask? Why not?! They have an excellent forum where they constantly help peeps get up to speed with Fireworks and overall make sure their community is taken care of. The amount of templates they push out is a mystery to me and the quality is top notch..amazing work especially with their latest template released called
Replicant. Be sure to check out their Tutorials section where you will be able to quickly get up to speed with Fireworks and Joomla!

I’ve started to investigate building export scripts to work with Joomla templates so all you have to do is modify the graphics and export the template in one shot. It will take some time and attention and overall will be pretty cool once I or someone else has the time to create them.

Go Rocket Theme! 🙂

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