Fireworks Awards/Reviews

Here’s a good review by TecKMagazine for Fireworks CS3:

Some other reviews:

Fireworks CS3 Features: Intelligent Scaling

Fireworks CS3: 5 Reasons You Might Upgrade

I also never noticed this until now but there is a page on the Fireworks product side nav called Reviews and awards. Good to know about that link below. 😉

Fireworks Reviews and awards

6 Responses to Fireworks Awards/Reviews

  1. beno says:

    “Digital Design”, a magazine with web software reviews, published in the UK, had a series on FW from the design/developers POV, and especially on CS3. They expressed extremely high regards, especially in respect FW CS3 integration and workflow.

  2. Thanks for catching that, its fixed. Beno – I think you mean Digital arts?
    Ive seen Digital Design and I think they only have print material and do not post articles online?

  3. Don Lee says:

    Hi Alan,
    Thank you for publishing the link to my review. It was a pleasure to use it. I’m glad that Adobe hasn’t forgotten about Fireworks. The Illustrator and Photoshop integration was the best thing to happen to the program. It really speeds the web building process along.

  4. No prob Don – It was a good read. Thanks!