Recording of Todays Jam Session

So I figured out how to transfer a recording from my Meetings in Connect to a meeting everyone can see. Thanks to Blue2x for showing some killer Text effects and background effects in this weeks Jam Session!

3 Responses to Recording of Todays Jam Session

  1. Awesome session, Alan!
    Great job, Blue!
    I’ve been taking a look while at my job (waiting for a bunch of files to finish uploading… I AM working here, boss, I am!) 0:)
    I agree on the slow motion, though, ha ha ha…
    I’ll take another look later on 😉

  2. blue2x says:

    First time in Jam Session ! Sorry for taking the entire session , I wasn’t prepared too, heheh but next time, I’ll do better ! These sessions are so cool!

  3. Thats the point! No need to be prepared, hehe. Good job Blue and no worries on taking over the session. It was great and wish we could keep on going. 🙂