Fireworks Jam session in 1.5 hours!

Fireworks CS3 Jam session starts in 1.5 hours, feel free to join up! Last week Blue2x showed us a lot of neat effects with text objects.

11am-12PM PST and beyond if Im not too hungry for lunch. 🙂

The first ten minutes is kinda slow seeing if anyone has anything they would like to present or show off, if not, we can discuss or move into demos or show workflows pertaining to questions asked in the jam session. Its also a good place to raise any issues or concerns that may be hot in the various Fw forums. And of course have fun!

2 Responses to Fireworks Jam session in 1.5 hours!

  1. Tim Hussey says:

    That was a great Jam Session!
    Thanks for letting me participate!
    Fireworks Rocks!
    Go Adobe!!!!

  2. Yacine says:

    great work! very nice session