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Fireworks Jam Session in 1 hour!

It’s that time again, please join us for the Fireworks Jam session today at 11am (PST) today. If you have any ideas for the session, bring them to the table! See you shortly!

Fireworks CS3 Jam Session

Need Textures for Fireworks?

Here’s a Texture collection by where they packaged not only a couple of textures but literally hundreds you can choose from and install via MXPs into Fireworks. Talk about saving you lots of time from having to download each texture one at time!

Todays Fireworks CS3 Jam Session Recorded!

The session today was a lot of fun! I believe we now have a synergy we all like and thats creating a Design Train where one of us starts a design off and each person can only spend 10 minutes on adding/modifying something to the design. Tim recommended a commentary so I did my best describing what was going on when someone was presenting. Trick is who is going to do the commentary on me? hehe

Todays design was a Tech style interface and I had no idea where to start so I started out creating some containers and mucking with colors, passed the file to Angelo, he added his magic with giving the design life and then passed the file to Grant where he applied his gradient skills with the custom Gradient panel he developed in Flash and made a hand off to Ryan where he did a lot of fine-tuning and cleaned up the interface then Tim jumped in and gave the design some definition and added final touches. We all came to the conclusion its an app that would be viewed on your refrigerator monitor. Not bad for a random team with a random concept with only ten minutes each to create something to add to the tech style interface. All I gotta say is I cant wait till next Thursday!

08-02-07 Recording:

Final Tech style UI we created:

Fireworks Jam session in 1.5 hours!

Fireworks CS3 Jam session starts in 1.5 hours, feel free to join up! Last week Blue2x showed us a lot of neat effects with text objects.

11am-12PM PST and beyond if Im not too hungry for lunch. 🙂

The first ten minutes is kinda slow seeing if anyone has anything they would like to present or show off, if not, we can discuss or move into demos or show workflows pertaining to questions asked in the jam session. Its also a good place to raise any issues or concerns that may be hot in the various Fw forums. And of course have fun!