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Fireworks CS3 sessions and Adobe MAX 2007

For those of you attending MAX in Chicago here is the list of Fireworks sessions!

You’ll find me helping out around these sessions and I’ll definitely be in the Meet the Fireworks team informal discussions. (Don’t miss it on Monday night at 8:30pm)

New CSS export script for Fireworks CS3

John Wylie created a new and improved CSS export script for Fireworks CS3 that allows you to export a design that you can continue tweaking wth minimal efforts in Dreamweaver CS3. We are not talking about absolute positioning here folks, this is for professionals that are looking to improve their workflow when working with Fireworks and designing with CSS in mind. For instance, being able to export a 2 column layout with content that doesnt appear as an image is a huge timesaver. Also, I’m now finding it tedious having to create tiling backgrounds for divs since the script can help do this for you. John’s really gone the extra mile with this new extension and its now available on the fresh redesign of Adobe Developer Connection!

Reminder: Fireworks Jam Session in 20 minutes

Please join me in a informal Adobe Connect session. The first ten minutes will be seeing if anyone has any general usage questions that we can answer and then we can do a couple demos of Fireworks based on those questions. If you have something you did in Fireworks and want feedback, this is the place to get real time feedback too!

Where: (Sign in as a guest and use your real name)

Thursday (Today) at 11:00am PST

FireworksGuru: Lian

Today Lian aka Jose Angel Rivera Dominguez is recognized for his ability to help and effectively teach Fireworks users best practices when it comes to lighting techniques, patterns and textures to designing rich interfaces geared for HTML/CSS, Flash or even software app designs. (He has been doing this ever since I first started using Fireworks.)

Lian has been planning to update his personal site: yet like the rest of us is too busy working day to day to promote his hard work. You can visit his temporary portfolio if you feel inclined.

Lian is famous and one of my favorite gurus I look up too when it comes to designing in Fireworks. Here’s an example of one of the powerful tutorials we converted to a Fireworks Developer Center article. You’ll find many of these tutorials about Fireworks hidden in Fireworks related forums.

Old Paper Effect

Here’s some sites that are live Lian wanted to share with us:

Thanks to Lian for helping us all be better Fireworks designers!

Are you a designer new to the Spry framework?

Are you new to Spry in Dreamweaver? Are you having a hard time understanding where to start? Are you wanting to do more other than form validations like create sliding panels that update when other events are fired in your site design? I’d highly suggest starting with Don Booth’s in-depth article to understand the basics that make the Spry framework for AJAX tick. This includes understanding what a Data Set is and how an observer works which is very similar to listeners in ActionScript. Once you pick up the basics you’ll be having a hard time creating the content!!

Building a photo album with the Spry framework

The next step is understanding how observers work in detail. Here is a direct sample I’d suggest you de-construct after walking through the article above:

Data Set Observer Sample

Hope this helps!

Export Flash demos/ presentations from Fireworks with ease!

Viktor’s latest extension for Fireworks CS3 called Demo current document allows you to export all the pages in your Fireworks document as an inteligent package to upload to the server or present locally. Why do I like this method so much you ask? To name a few:

  • Export a web ready click-thru Flash demo without any knowledge of Flash or Flex
  • Quickly present your project locally or upload to a server for an online presentation
  • Easily update the presentation via XML. No need to re-export the presentation unless you’d prefer the extension to re-write the XML for you.
  • Access the source FLAs for the extension and customize the presentation to your liking.

I currently use this extension internally for giving presentations. My screen resolution is set to 1280x1024px so I build out my presentations at 1280x1024px most of the time and view the presentation in Full screen mode. This personally helps me demo new workflows in Fireworks. Nothing beats prototyping Fireworks in Fireworks! 🙂

Thanks Viktor!