Export Flash demos/ presentations from Fireworks with ease!

Viktor’s latest extension for Fireworks CS3 called Demo current document allows you to export all the pages in your Fireworks document as an inteligent package to upload to the server or present locally. Why do I like this method so much you ask? To name a few:

  • Export a web ready click-thru Flash demo without any knowledge of Flash or Flex
  • Quickly present your project locally or upload to a server for an online presentation
  • Easily update the presentation via XML. No need to re-export the presentation unless you’d prefer the extension to re-write the XML for you.
  • Access the source FLAs for the extension and customize the presentation to your liking.

I currently use this extension internally for giving presentations. My screen resolution is set to 1280x1024px so I build out my presentations at 1280x1024px most of the time and view the presentation in Full screen mode. This personally helps me demo new workflows in Fireworks. Nothing beats prototyping Fireworks in Fireworks! 🙂

Thanks Viktor!