FireworksGuru: Lian

Today Lian aka Jose Angel Rivera Dominguez is recognized for his ability to help and effectively teach Fireworks users best practices when it comes to lighting techniques, patterns and textures to designing rich interfaces geared for HTML/CSS, Flash or even software app designs. (He has been doing this ever since I first started using Fireworks.)

Lian has been planning to update his personal site: yet like the rest of us is too busy working day to day to promote his hard work. You can visit his temporary portfolio if you feel inclined.

Lian is famous and one of my favorite gurus I look up too when it comes to designing in Fireworks. Here’s an example of one of the powerful tutorials we converted to a Fireworks Developer Center article. You’ll find many of these tutorials about Fireworks hidden in Fireworks related forums.

Old Paper Effect

Here’s some sites that are live Lian wanted to share with us:

Thanks to Lian for helping us all be better Fireworks designers!

3 Responses to FireworksGuru: Lian

  1. Tom says:

    I liked the “old paper” effect.

  2. Hotel Bayern says:

    The old papaer effect is really cool, thanks

  3. good job, i like this effect