New CSS export script for Fireworks CS3

John Wylie created a new and improved CSS export script for Fireworks CS3 that allows you to export a design that you can continue tweaking wth minimal efforts in Dreamweaver CS3. We are not talking about absolute positioning here folks, this is for professionals that are looking to improve their workflow when working with Fireworks and designing with CSS in mind. For instance, being able to export a 2 column layout with content that doesnt appear as an image is a huge timesaver. Also, I’m now finding it tedious having to create tiling backgrounds for divs since the script can help do this for you. John’s really gone the extra mile with this new extension and its now available on the fresh redesign of Adobe Developer Connection!

One Response to New CSS export script for Fireworks CS3

  1. Josh says:

    Excellent export script. Great work John.