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Logo Design and Site mockup Contest – Adobe CS3 Web Premium Grand Prize

Per Luke, the user group manager for Fire on the bay is announcing the logo/site design competition for next month’s Fireworks user group meeting held at Adobe in San Francisco. No worries, everyone can participate as long as you sign up at!

Contest Details:
With the introduction of “Fire on the Bay”, a new user group based in San Francisco, we are holding a contest for a commercial copy of Adobe CS3 Web Premium. The winner that designs the coolest and most appropriate site mockup with logo for the group will win the prize.

Site mockup and Logo Requirements:
The site mockup should be geared for HTML/CSS design. Color scheme is up to you and should overall fit with the logo. The layout will be implemented by Luke and team.

Keep in mind we would like to use the logo for printing, clothing and other places as well as use it on the website too.

The Submission of the site/logo design should be:

Width: 900px
Height: 900px
Resolution: 72px
File Format: Fireworks .png

Entries should be emailed to

Also this month Hot Banana will be providing food and drinks as well as giving some info on their latest offerings.

Notes on this weeks Fireworks Jam Session

This week we did a demo of the new Fireworks skinning extension that works with Flex 3 Beta. When I updated the button skin, the image didnt update in Flex 3 and threw me off. This happened because when I defined the project, a folder called “src” was automatically created and I was working out of a different folder after I defined the project, bah! I should have been working out of this folder to begin with..well now I know…

I’m soo diggin the new Adobe Media Player in labs! Being able to create one Fireworks PNG that contains all the various assets for skinning the player is fan-tabulous. We would have been using Frames or multiple documents in Fw8 or below. Pages in CS3 give us the ability to create Pages in the same document with various sizes, yah!

Also we demo’d’s Distrifusion, go check it out when you get a chance.

For those of you that are attending the Fireworks Jam Sessions, I want to say thanks! This really helps me burst out of my internal bubble and be one with the community and learn things together with you all. 🙂

Fireworks User Group: San Francisco

One of the biggest take aways for me personally at Adobe MAX 2007 is meeting Luke
Kilpatrick who is now the User group manager for Fire on the bay. If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt be attending a monthly gathering of Fireworks users at Adobe in San Francisco. When I first mentioned this new group to a couple users in the bay area, they got were soo stoked so I’m not sure what to expect at this first meeting and hope we have enough chairs for everyone. I’ll be handing out some never before seen Fireworks schwag and Luke has some goods up his sleeve including a free nights stay in Tahoe. (I wonder if I can win that since I’m employed by Adobe?!)

If you live or work around the Bay area and you are a web developer, web designer, deseloper, information architect, programmer, hobbyist, cave dwelling hippie or an interaction designer that works in Fireworks, this is the user group for you.

Fire on the Bay

Flex Builder 3 and skinning with Fireworks CS3

Flex Builder 3 Beta and the new Fireworks extension for Adobe Fireworks CS3 are on Adobe Labs. The extension helps automate skinning using the New Import Wizard in Flex Builder 3 and generating the CSS for you. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Flex Skin Design Extensions

Fireworks CS3 Jam Session

Please join me in a informal Adobe Connect session called Fireworks Jam Session. The first ten minutes will be seeing if anyone has any general usage questions that we can answer and then we can do a couple demos of Fireworks based on those questions. If you have something you did in Fireworks and want feedback or simply curious about a workflow, this is the place to get real time feedback from other Fireworks gurus!

Where: (Sign in as a guest and use your real name)

Thursday (Today) at 11:00am PST