Flex Builder 3 and skinning with Fireworks CS3

Flex Builder 3 Beta and the new Fireworks extension for Adobe Fireworks CS3 are on Adobe Labs. The extension helps automate skinning using the New Import Wizard in Flex Builder 3 and generating the CSS for you. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Flex Skin Design Extensions

4 Responses to Flex Builder 3 and skinning with Fireworks CS3

  1. German Bauer says:

    One of the recent Adobe writeups on this topics mentioned that Flash/Illustrator are for creating vector based skins, while Photoshop/Fireworks are used to create bitmap based skins.
    I am surprised that Fireworks would not also be able to create vector based skins as most of the work I do is based on vector shapes and since vectors are preferable as Flex skins (more scalable). The extension that you mention above, does that allow for keeping vector based shapes in vector format when they come over as a Flex skin?
    Thanks for any clues.

  2. Matt Radel says:

    I get an error saying that the extension requires FW9 or later to be installed (which I of course have CS3). 🙁

  3. German, we have a few ideas up our sleeve. Stay tuned. 🙂

  4. Matt – Let me know if you are still experiencing an issue.