Fireworks Developer Center: Updated

We’ve been pushing new articles and samples to the Fireworks Developer Center this last month. Here’s some current updates to mention if you havent seen them already:

Handling Fireworks events with ActionScript 3.0
Mayur Mandada
Learn how to have custom panels built with ActionScript 3.0 recognize and react to Fireworks events.

Developing an effective Fireworks workflow
Grant Hinkson
Follow the entire Fireworks extension development process from beginning to end, and then learn about tools and techniques to enhance that process for your own needs.

Fireworks sample: RokWebify
Andy Miller
Use this design as the basis for Joomla template modification, and as a good learning tool and starting point for more advanced layouts.

Design Center Tutorial:

Create a sitemap icon using reusable rich symbols
Alan Musselman

Learn how reusable symbols can be a great timesaver when prototyping sitemaps.


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