Check out The Rissington Podcast

If you havent heard The Rissington Podcast then you gotta check it out. Its really fun to listen to John Oxton and Jon Hicks go off on things that are related to the web industry. In the latest episode, they answered a question from a listener and discussed why they use Fireworks for web design.

The Rissington Podcast

4 Responses to Check out The Rissington Podcast

  1. Pretty good session except for the quip about ColdFusion being something one would not want to learn. Why do people always pick on CF???? What did it do to them except make application development faster?

  2. slillig says:

    Great podcast, thanks for the link Alan… these guys nailed it in their comments regarding Fireworks. I especially love the comment that Fireworks isn’t really considered the “Ugly Duckling” of web design but more of the “Underdog”.
    I almost feel sorry for the people that haven’t used it or even given it a chance because it’s not Photoshop. Both excellent tools just two totally different workflows IMHO.
    Also glad to find out that I am not the only one who feels like Photoshop is rather clunky in comparison. People who haven’t used FW, just look at you as if you should be burned at the steak for saying such a thing.
    Long live FW!

  3. Mielno says:

    Fireworks for web design – Ill like that. Iam agree with Luke Kilpatrick. Best wishes from Poland.

  4. Nick Thomas says:

    Hello, I,m trying to test run the trial version of fireworks on a vista based laptop, however having downloaded and extracted it. On start up it comes up with an error after selecting the 30 day trial. Any ideas?