I’m back in action

Thanks for attending the Fireworks Jam session today! Un-fortunately, I’ve been traveling frequently and have not been able to sync up and host the Jam Session for the past two weeks and to top it off I forgot to record the session today. 🙁 Last two weeks I was in Tokyo, Japan visting Fireworks customers to understand their pain points so we can improve on the next version of Fireworks. I was amazed and in awe to find out how detailed japanese users are with Adobe Fireworks! In the picture below, I was waiting for the gang to get out of the taxi. Did you know Taxi’s in Japan have an automatic swinging door to let you out? Amazing…everything I saw in Tokyo was amazing! 🙂

Today in the jam session there was a brief discussion around Buzzword and I showed my presentation assets for the demo I gave last night to the Las Vegas Dreamweaver User Group and looking for feedback on improving the presentation. Also, showed some simple bitmap editing techniques and discussed why keyboard shortcuts are so helpful. Nikola wanted to know if there was a panel of Text commands instead of the Menu commands you can access via Commands > Text that let you generate Lorem Ipsum fake text for prototypes. I didnt really understand what he mean’t so I started to prototype out a Flash panel using the Flex components and 9-slice scaling to help build the container symbol. It was a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll finish by next week.


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