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New Fireworks Sample on Fireworks Developer Center

Just noticed Rodger’s sample is live on, check it out when you get a chance!

Pen and gradient tools showcase

Reminder: Attend the Fireworks Jam Session in one hour, click the link on the left nav!

Reminder: Fw Jam session in one hour!

Fireworkers –

This is an informal jam session where you can show off some work, report bugs and we’ll look for workarounds and overall jam with me on anything related to Adobe Fireworks. (Click the Jam session link on the left to join up)

Also, a new Fireworks CS3 Article went live yesterday thanks to the DryIcons team!

Creating an icon in Fireworks

Fireworks Jam Session at 10am PST

Today’s Thursday, I’ll be in the Fireworks Jam Session at 10am PST if you can make it!

Adobe Fireworks Usergroup with special guest Senocular!!

Dude – if you are a new user or an existing Fireworks user you really need to make it to the Fireworks User Group in San Francisco (Also available via Connect) next week. Seriously, drop what you are doing cause Senocular aka Trevor is a fellow FireworksGuru, good friend and I constantly learn new tricks from the man all the time. This is an event you should not miss!!

Top 10 Cool things you can do with Fireworks

Tuesday, February 19, 7:00 PM

Adobe Systems, Inc., San Franciso, California

Who should come:
Trevor McCauley of is a Developer and Designer and a Current Member of Adobe’s Flash team and he’ll be showing his favorite things about Adobe Fireworks and how to use them effectively in your workflow.

A great opportunity to see what you might be missing in Fireworks. Or if your a current Photoshop/Illustrator user please stop by and see what you are missing.

Learn more here:

Visit the Fireworks Developer Center for Samples, Free Extensions and Downloads and fantastic Articles surrounding the Fireworks Ecosystem.