Adobe Fireworks Usergroup with special guest Senocular!!

Dude – if you are a new user or an existing Fireworks user you really need to make it to the Fireworks User Group in San Francisco (Also available via Connect) next week. Seriously, drop what you are doing cause Senocular aka Trevor is a fellow FireworksGuru, good friend and I constantly learn new tricks from the man all the time. This is an event you should not miss!!

Top 10 Cool things you can do with Fireworks

Tuesday, February 19, 7:00 PM

Adobe Systems, Inc., San Franciso, California

Who should come:
Trevor McCauley of is a Developer and Designer and a Current Member of Adobe’s Flash team and he’ll be showing his favorite things about Adobe Fireworks and how to use them effectively in your workflow.

A great opportunity to see what you might be missing in Fireworks. Or if your a current Photoshop/Illustrator user please stop by and see what you are missing.

Learn more here:

Visit the Fireworks Developer Center for Samples, Free Extensions and Downloads and fantastic Articles surrounding the Fireworks Ecosystem.

6 Responses to Adobe Fireworks Usergroup with special guest Senocular!!

  1. There aren’t any FW groups out in L.A., but man, I’d totally would be there to see his talk. I love me some FW!

  2. Jaak Parik says:

    Podcast from this would be great! Please pretty please 🙂

  3. Erki Esken says:

    Yeah, 7 PM San Fransisco time is a bit too early for us European folk to attend. So please record the Connect meeting and post recording URL here later.

  4. Nathan Smith says:

    I wish I could see him talk. Been referring new FW users to Senocular for years. Alas, too much of a trip from Dallas. I’ll be there in spirit!

  5. Please RSVP even if you can only attend via Connect. If you can make it in person, Adobe has donated a copy of Fireworks CS3 for me to give away along with some other Swag.
    If you can’t make it to San Francisco please attend via connect:
    We will be recording it for people that can’t attend live. is very kindly sponsoring Pizza and Drinks please check out their Digital Marketing Manager at
    This is something that you fireworks guys want to see as it lets you build high end sites with no Codes, Slap your CSS and Image slices on it and go, all On Demand.