Reminder: Fw Jam session in one hour!

Fireworkers –

This is an informal jam session where you can show off some work, report bugs and we’ll look for workarounds and overall jam with me on anything related to Adobe Fireworks. (Click the Jam session link on the left to join up)

Also, a new Fireworks CS3 Article went live yesterday thanks to the DryIcons team!

Creating an icon in Fireworks

3 Responses to Reminder: Fw Jam session in one hour!

  1. Nice folder design, but I was totally thrown off by the article title thinking it’d show me the quickest way to make ICO files. If the title was like “How to make a folder icon in Fireworks” then I’d know what I was in for.
    On the topic of ICO files, I use InfranView since it’s small, fast, free and I just open a PNG I made in FW. In general I always wanted ICO support in FW, only to reduce the need for custom HTML code to point to a GIF/PNG. I’ve even seen 32px x 32px PNG used and browsers shrink it down to 16×16.

  2. Oh! And, sorry, I totally slept through the morning but will try to be at the next FWjam. 🙂

  3. Great article! Thanks for share it