Rich Symbols, Contest and Jam Session

Sarthak on the Fireworks team pushed out an informative article in the Fireworks Developer Center around Rich Symbols and how to take advantage of the API to enhance current behaviors. It’s an excellent read and gives you something to chew on when you think about making your custom library of Rich Symbols.

Enhancing rich symbols in Fireworks CS3

Fireworkszone is having a tutorial design contest and if you design the coolest tutorial they are offering prizes, go check it out for more details. The contest announcement seems kind of buried on the Fireworkszone site so the chances of winning look high. 😉

The Fireworks Jam Session is today at 10am PST sharp! Get your video cams/headphones ready to jam about anything related to Fireworks or just come and attend.


One Response to Rich Symbols, Contest and Jam Session

  1. Are these recorded? I’ve had to spend all day to polish my LA AIR Flex 3 & AIR Launch Party Event so I couldn’t make it.
    ::sending FW love::