FireworksGuru: Demon Towers

Check out for Free Flash and Fireworks Extensions! The developers there are awesome and can stir up some really cool extensions. There’s also an update to the Twist and Fade command that ships with Fireworks CS3.

The Demon Towers design is clean and slick. I’m a big fan of dark layouts created in Fireworks and would vote for Halloween to be a once-a-month event if I was elected President. 🙂

Steven Grosvenor from Demon Towers joined the Fireworks Jam Session today and what a wonderful session with Steven. He showed us the behind the scenes magic around the site architecture and he even fixed a bug with the Newsletter submission. Not only is Steven a strong Fireworks user, but he also codes like a madman with HTML/ActionScript/JavaScript/.NET/C# creating various chemical compounds to construct insane extensions for Flash and Fireworks.

I love the extensibility layer with Fireworks and Flash. Why bug engineering when you can make the panel yourself and solve your own workflow issues? Use Flash/Flex to build the User Interface via ActionScript and make calls to the JavaScript API in Fireworks, its that easy! Well I’m pumped up today, Steven just made my day. 🙂

Here’s the recording if you have time to watch today’s session.

3 Responses to FireworksGuru: Demon Towers

  1. Ya, this site has a neat design and the extensions are so worth their weight in binary gold.

  2. David Mead says:

    They are wonderful extensions and I use them all the time – I’m glad someone has started updating them from when I first grabbed them from Phireworx.