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Jam Session starts in 10 minutes!

We have a special guest in the house today, Aaron Beall will be joining the Fireworks Jam Session in person! Not sure what we will do, but the idea is just to have an open discussion with us and Fireworks. We can do demos based on your question or reproduce an issue if you found something thats frustrating you or just stop by and show something cool you made in Fireworks/Web Suite. See ya in a few minutes. Remember to access the Connect room by clicking the link on the left nav…

Adobe TV! (and me)

Visitors that stop by Adobe TV will be welcomed by a ton of professionally cut videos on anything Adobe and one video is my friends and I playing disc golf in the "After Hours at Adobe" series. If you are into disc golf and live around San Francisco, you can usually find me on the disc golf course in Golden Gate Park! 🙂

Wow…I never thought I’d talk about disc golf on my blog or at Adobe cause I told myself to keep it everything related to Fireworks…so technically this is legit since the video shows me working at my desk on Fireworks, no? 😉 I learned to play disc golf at an early age and always found regular "golf" to be rather boring if you ask me. Over the years I’ve really grown to appreciate the sport and thankful to play at our local disc golf course in Golden Gate park. Please give disc golf a shot if you havent played before!

Welcome Doug Winnie to the Blogosphere!

Please welcome Doug Winnie to the blogosphere at Adobe! I work closely with Doug and glad to see another Adobean passionately wanting to share their knowledge and resources via blogging. As Scott Fegette introduced me to the blogosphere awhile back I feel introducing Doug to you all is highly beneficial for many reasons. Doug works at Adobe as a Group Product Manager with an achieveable goal which is to increase productivity and develop new workflow opportunities between our applications here at Adobe. If you enjoy improving your workflow then Doug’s blog is definitely one to bookmark. Going forward we will see a lot of great tips and resources if not workarounds to common tasks that may seem impossible.

Welcome Doug! 🙂

Watch the recording of today’s jam session. Tim demos kuler 2!

In today’s jam session Tim Strickland (Sr. Computer Scientist in the Emerging Creative Technologies Group and lead developer for kuler) stopped by and gave us an in-depth demo of kuler and how he used Adobe Fireworks CS3 to rapidly prototype kuler 2. He also shared a lot of tips and resources and how developers can tap into the kuler API to extend the creativity into their own developments.

Connect recording:

Thanks Tim!

Jam Session starts in 10 minutes!

Hey everyone –

Finally back in action after traveling for a few days and ready to meet up in the Jam Session.

Also, if you havent seen Smashing Magazine’s roundup of Fireworks tutorials and resources, go check it out.