Adobe TV! (and me)

Visitors that stop by Adobe TV will be welcomed by a ton of professionally cut videos on anything Adobe and one video is my friends and I playing disc golf in the "After Hours at Adobe" series. If you are into disc golf and live around San Francisco, you can usually find me on the disc golf course in Golden Gate Park! 🙂

Wow…I never thought I’d talk about disc golf on my blog or at Adobe cause I told myself to keep it everything related to Fireworks…so technically this is legit since the video shows me working at my desk on Fireworks, no? 😉 I learned to play disc golf at an early age and always found regular "golf" to be rather boring if you ask me. Over the years I’ve really grown to appreciate the sport and thankful to play at our local disc golf course in Golden Gate park. Please give disc golf a shot if you havent played before!