Adobe MAX comes to San Francisco

Folks – Just around the corner is the famous MAX conference aka Adobe MAX 2008. I have to admit this is by far the one event I can’t miss even as a Adobe employee. It’s an amazing place to collab and learn new techniques you never knew possible. I love feeling the energy and excitement from everyone that attends the conference and since its in San Francisco there is no telling what will happen! There will be over 200 sessions and 50 labs + plus pre-event labs…phew I hope I can maintain during this event. 🙂

On the plus side for me at least the convention center is only a couple blocks away from my casa. I was thinking of throwing a Fireworks party (with no "real" fireworks people) if anyone is interested and wants to hang out with Fireworkers.

Get your reservation now, dont wait! I know a lot of you will wait till the last minute and then realize its too late. (slackers!)

Adobe MAX 2008

2 Responses to Adobe MAX comes to San Francisco

  1. Erik Porroa says:

    Dude!, guess this year I’ll make it! … so see ya in november!

  2. SiamJai says:

    Whoa – I wish I could be there, it sounds like a great event! You’re lucky that it’s so close to your place. 🙂
    The MAX event closest to us will be in Tokyo (still a couple hours by plane), and it’d be only half the fun without you guys.